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Building Human Resource Capacity for Cancer Management

The competency of our medical teams has a direct bearing on the quality of service they provide and hence the need to ensure that they are full equipped with the knowledge and skills required for professional the health care.

URCP will focus on the following measures for human resource capacity developmet

  • Secure an agreement with implementating partners to recruit the right Resource remunerate them reasonably.
  • Facilitate the setup of training committee in charge of addressing the human resource capacity gap.
  • Establish an annual training plan for the medical teams ans ensure there is designing budget for capacity development.
  • Work with Regional and International technical partners to provide free subsidised training as per plan.
  • Make use of Voluntary Techninical traing teams in Rotary to provide nnual trainings.
  • Make deliberate effort to attract medical students to specialize in cancer treatment by creating awareness on the need, incentivizing students, providing scholarships and implementing competitive pay structures.
  • Regular review and monitoring of the progress, medical staff performance & action planning for correction action.
  • Recognise and reward medical staff for excellent service.
  • Develop a rentation plan for key talent to sustain the quality of service.
  • Agree on some quality and general performance targets.
  • Develop research capacity intergrated into  the care programs
  • Build capacity into preventive education programs and support to cancer victims during and after treatment (comprehensive care)