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Promoting Cancer Awareness

URCP’s aim is to develop a communication strategy that will facilitate the achievement of the organization goals. The need to create awareness of the Uganda Rotary Cancer Program purpose & objectives, improve public awareness on cancer and institute effective methods of communication for better information flow among stakeholders is evident based on the feedback received from the Stakeholder Engagements and the Rotary fraternity.

The communication strategy will:-

  • Help URCP achieve the overall organisation objectives.
  • Enable URCP engage effectively with stakeholders.
  • Be a tool to demonstrate the success of our work.
  • Promote cancer awareness country wide.
  • Change behavior and perception where necessary.

Our Approach

  • Identify stakeholders & develop a stakeholder matrix and engagement plan.
  • Partner with other stakeholders to construct cancer awareness messages.
  • Identify the communication channels.
  • Establish of cost of implementation of strategy.
  • Identify  partners for funding strategy.
  • Develop an implementation communication roll out plan.