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To have  a Country free of the Burden of Cancer


DATE: 19TH MARCH 2021 TIME: 9:00 AM – 1:00PM

Developing Infrastructure for Cancer Management

This objective address the technical aspects involved in fighting the cancer epidemic. Construction of hospitals/ wards, equipping them with the necessary medical equipment required to diagnose and treat cancer.Provision of all other amenities to support the effective functioning of the cancer treatment center. Key Actions Resource mobilization Put in place multi-spectral technical committee Identify and

Offering Cancer Screening and Treatment Services

To build a cancer ward that would provide specialist treatment and early dedication for cancer patients. Rotarians in Uganda embarked on what many thought was an ambitious project to build a cancer ward that would provide specialist treatment and early provide the vital early detection and cure of cancer patients.

Promoting Cancer Awareness

URCP’s aim is to develop a communication strategy that will facilitate the achievement of the organization goals. The need to create awareness of the Uganda Rotary Cancer Program purpose & objectives, improve public awareness on cancer and institute effective methods of communication for better information flow among stakeholders is evident based on the feedback received

Building Human Resource Capacity for Cancer Management

The competency of our medical teams has a direct bearing on the quality of service they provide and hence the need to ensure that they are full equipped with the knowledge and skills required for professional the health care. URCP will focus on the following measures for human resource capacity developmet Secure an agreement with